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My new helmet...


Technology keeps on moving forward. From the 70's. My Bell 3/4 helmet seems crude by todays standards. The HJC I have has built in sun shades and better padding.

Very nice!! I love that you can remove the jaw piece if you choose

Always need to see. I road about a month ago and a guy had one like that. Looks good Gert

Nice...hey Oct 17th weed is legal in Canada so maybe many more of that style of helmet will be sold in Canada!!!

LOL... Todd, I never use any drug or alcohol when I’m with my bike, and I think that would be the best for anyone to do, even in Canada! Smiley-wink

Yes but.....there is THC free weed right????
I can't say i've never been on a group ride where we never stopped at a watering hole not had a cold beer. Nor have I not seen someone light up a joint at some point of the ride. However I have never been on a ride where someone was impaired either. I think cycle riders are a bit more responsible because we know the importance of sober drivers and riders. Its going to be intresting times starting Oct 17th in Canada to experience weed being legal to smoke, buy and grow, but I think its a step forward.......

Honestly, never one little nip of beer or any other alcoholic drink riding my bike. Driving my car is another story, but also driving my car never more as one drink. But never one spot when I’m going with my bike...

About the helmet. I never had a helmet this brand before and it’s also the first time I have this kind of helmet. It is a light helmet with a perfect fit for me. I like the wide view, nearly the same as wearing a open face helmet. I tried te helmet now for a second ride and it realy is a nice and comfortable to wear helmet. Only thing is, the helmet is not so silence. A lot of wind noise compairing even compairing to my open face Nitro and surely compairing to my Shoei open face... my Nitro was just to old and after five years wearing it became to be too big... that’s what happens with a favorite helmet often used... so it is in the garbage now. I have to get used to a bit more noise wearing my new helmet... that’s it!

Looks good Gert.

I use ear plugs....still can hear everything and people chatting but background noise like wind is gone.

I’ll try them Todd...

Tezza needs ear plugs to stop WIND noise... LOL.

I think everyone who follows him Bill! LOL

I like it Gert.

I'll have to get some ear plugs. Smiley-laughing

And the most important quality for you is that u don’t need to remove the helmet to smoke. Oh I forgot I think ubcould do that with the other ones. lol

You seem to be buying lots of stuff and going out for meals sinc Nola and myself left there. I didnt leave a credit card on your table or did I?

Including the right code numbers Dennis! Wait and see!!! LOL I think it is safer to forget your credit card at my place and not on a chair somewhere at a restaurant in the middle of Amsterdam Dennis... at least your would know who would spend your money..... what about that? LOL

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