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My star

Well this video will make you dizzy and have blurred vision. After watching it you will see why I don't post videos....I did tell some members that I would get a video posted so here it is!!!! The only good thing about the video is you all get to see one great looking Yamaha!!!!! ~V~


Good video vstargrl. Cool

Great video V Nice looking bike.

Great vid. Bike looks awesome. Dad looks good too. Hope you enjoy many, many rides with him.

very cool V

You have done a great job on the star

Great vid ! Last time we saw your place it was all white !! Were are the dogs?

All you need now is a GPS on there.

Thanks for the tour vstargrl, bike looks awesome, well done, keep the vids coming. That was one of my favorite songs, love Neil Young.

Ride Safe Cool

Thanks vstargrl for sharing, you have a real nice lookin ride.  Didn't get blurred vision at all lol. 

 Hope you post some more videos sooner than later.  Well done girl


Vstargrl, that was a really enjoyable tour of your ride, it's looking fab! Owning a 650 classic too I can really see how much work you've done to customise it and it really does look great. Those side covers with the airbrushing are so unique and so you, you must love riding it.

I liked the 360 view of what the mirrors look on there too, so I can picture it now!

I enjoyed your video, thanks for sharing Smiley-laughing 

That is a very very well done video! The bike looks great! Nice job.

Very nice video I like the part of your dad pic on your bike thats sweet of you... Your video was great keep up the good work! ride safe..

Very Well done, Bike is simply elegant.... Thanks so much for your Dad's picture on the bike. I think i am going to do the same thing....

GREAT VID,,,, And the scoot is looking sooooooooooo sweet

Great Job

great looking STAR! Some great add ons

Now that looks kewl with all those extras

Awesome looking bike V!!  Love the side covers, they turned out really nice!

Love your video Vstargrl! I you will see your video on the Ellipse Mirror and Sound of Chrome pages here in the next couple hours Smiley-wink You rock! 

Looks like I'm going to start entering some CC contests.

Love your side covers, great idea. Dogbertx

Very nice. i noticed that you didn't mention your speakers though. I want 'em!!! LOL

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