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2008 Vstar 1100 Classic  Canadian Edition

With all my mods, from the top...  stem nut clock and thermometer(ebay, honestyintegrityalways), show chrome twisted risers(ebay),
Kuryakyan flame grips,spike grip ends,chrome brake reservoir cover, brake pedal cover, shift peg cover, flamin floorboards, scythe mirrors, chrome neck covers, x-tension cruise pegs(ebay), twisted risers(ebay),speedstar aircleaner with K&N filter(ebay), barons ork(barons), Replacement ork phat hoses(phat performance),  oem side oil cover for ork(myself),  2" floor board extensions (ebay, extension depot),custom world lightbar(ebay), yamaha deflectors, yamaha windshield(ebay),windshield bracket(dealer), custom polished aluminum checkerplate curved plate(myself), torpedo plate bolts, custom twisted rod solo rack (myself), custom oem seat with 3" carved out and custom cover with chrome star accents(myself), custom matching backrest (myself), custom mirrored caliper and frame inserts(myself), tiedown spikes(ebay), chrome drive shaft cover(ebay,  awesomedeals60), vstar engraved oil cap(google,, custom chrome skull(ebay,myself), breakaway throttle lock(dealer), shot gunshell final drive bolt cover, The bike came from the dealer with the gold trim, and badge package including the visors.  I think  I got everything, as you can see I got a monkey on my back... and it's called EBAY.        I would like to send out a great big THANKS to the people on ebay from whom I purchased my parts from.


Own Video: 



Nice walk-around! Love all that chrome - especially the skull!!!!!

looks wild i miss my V/STAR!!

You should should...

Looks awesome

Great looking bike; what mirrors are they; would like a set for myself.

Nice bike but the skull scared me. It was looking right at me

Nice work mate

That is one awesome bike CT. 8)

That bike is truly on awesome ride, you done real good!

nice looking ride

Everyone misses their vstar especially after Marek has been around collecting them for spare parts

Nice bike - really looks sharp.

Hot bike! New russian

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