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I love this place. I've been four times. The town itself is a step back in time. On our second visit they were holding a Pumpkin Festival. They held a parade with restored antique tractors ( it is a farming community) pulling homebuilt floats. The biggest pumpkin weigh in was great. Those suckers were hugh. Bring your camera and take your time.




Wow!! I don't blame you for going back 4 times!! That's a place I could never get tired of.

If I go I will have to plan a week of time just to see it all and totally read everything instead of a glance walk through. Too bad it is in Iowa. Otherwise I'd move there when retiring so I could go and walk through it every week or so. Iowa is too cold in the winter time. Maybe if I win the lottery I could have a summer home there.

Bill, I haven't yet and I'd gladly go again.
Randy, it would make a good side trip if you do your Route 20 ride. It's 29 miles south from the turn off in Delaware Iowa.

This sounds like a road trip for 2018. I think Mike and Frank from American Pickers supplied them with a number of things.

Hay!!! Capt that does sound like a great ride. We will have to talk about that in Yellowstone this year.

I was thinking about maybe 2019. If things go well, will be Australia in 2018. Maybe just 2 big trips for the year instead of 4-6 smaller trips. It is definitely on the bucket list and probably in the top 5 spots.

Wow!!! What an amazing collection. Yet another place to add to my bucket list.

Peter maybe this is where we need to ride to when you come over to visit. You would get to see mountains hills valleys and flat land and everything in between

Wow! And it is only about 800 miles off course in our June visit!

Very cool. sounds like somewhere to add to my list...

What a great place to visit! Thanks for the vid Edwin!

sounds like you might have to extend your vacation days Steve or replan the travel route

Would love to check it out. One day I'll get there.

And Now, another strange but true Edwin story. I was looking at (drooling over) an assortment of Vincents and struck up a conversation with another visitor. He told me about a Triumph that Frank had wanted to buy. He said he was ready to sell and since I had mentioned that I was heading to LeClaire , he asked me to give Frank a note. Frank wasn't at the shop so I never did find out if he bought it.

That place is associated with the show in the British area should be a phone booth they brought over from England.
It looked if it was a challenge to get It in there.

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