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New Camera Case

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New case and no fuzzy stuff in my vid. The old one looks good but who knows....


Own Video: 





Looks good. Gotta love those country two lanes.

Hi Val. Glad that cleared the smudge problem. Those country roads are some of the best to ride on. More relaxing.

Yes they are Bill. I didn't see anything on the other case but there has to be something there

Nice ride and very clear video.. See you soon girl .

Not much longer

It is coming up real fast..Glad I got the bikes ready last month..

Hi Valerie. Nice clear video. Very relaxing

Great video with a golden oldie tune.

That`s better....

That’s way better! So a new case is what you bought... Haha.... don’t tell me you couldn’t or wouldn’t clean the whole old case window!!! LOL

I cleaned it a couple of times with no luck. The smuge was still there. I had another case in my junk box

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