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new camera trial, undecided weather

Watch on Vimeo

my Swan HD camera I have had for 4 years or so seems to be shutting off after a bit even though charge is there, thus bought another one to play with.  Just can't justify the cost of the Go Pros.  Was thinking of the 360 degree camera, but will wait another year or so.



Own Video: 



Looks like it has a good pic. Yeah the GoPros are expensive. We have one but it was a gift. The two we bought are knock offs. But still do a good job

Good luck with the new camera.

good color in the pictures

Nice little camera and seems to work good. Now you have the bad weather. It was nice today but only 41 deg F.

I bought 3 of these and they really work great. If you have a Go Pro all the stuff fits. There is also tons of stuff that comes with this little camera $ 40.00 This has a screen on the back to view your video. Take a look.

I suspect the same company makes this for several manufacturers who just put their brand name on it. What you have Wayne so looks like my set up. yes all of the mounts are compatible with the Go Pro mounts.

The price is right and the picture quality is very good.

I have one myself Randy. Excellent for the price but I still use the GoPro for my main videos.

Gopro's are very expensive but they have a good quality. When I lost my Gopro during a ride I bought a Denver camera and I'm really happy with that one and I can buy 4, nearly 5 of them instead of one Gopro with the same options. The only thing is the battery. I had to buy a second battery because they are empty a bit faster. A second battery was only 19,90 euro so... My next camera, when this one would get lost or broken will probably be a Denver again... Good enough for me and it safes a lot of money comparing with a Gopro.

Very true Gert. We have three batteries for each of our cameras.

I have the same camera as Randy they are very cheap and work well. Even the grand kids like them. I like the LED screen on the back.

That does come in handy Wayne. We have two that have the screen on the back

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