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New Indian Scout

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Took my mate Mark up to Brisbane on Saturday to pick up his new Indian Scout


Own Video: 


Nice work Spratty.....Nice new ride Mark.

Thanks Dub, that was a quick response. The're a really nice bike and goes pretty hard too, he's still to get the pillion seat, sissy bar and rack which is on order.

Compliments about how you made the vid Spratty! What a bike, I really like how it looks! I would be very curious about how a Indian rides. I don't see them very often in Holland as we have only one official dealer in our country...

The scout rides very nice Gert, nimble and fast. The bigger Indians are not too bad either, they feel a lot lighter than they really are.

Top video of a sweet new ride.
Could we see another Indian convert soon?

Too rich for my blood Matt, besides I'm still liking the Nomad too much, what with everything I've done to her, how would she ever forgive me.

Still miss my old Nomad some times but not often enough to give up Rosie

Maybe an addition to Rosie, I'd like an adventure bike as a second ride if I had the $$$

I'm with you Spratty! Would be nice to have a second bike with less or no chrome at all. Could be an old one as a second bike, to use during wintertime without having a bad feeling using it because of the salt on the roads!

Good video. Good looking new ride. Be safe

What a great feeling, to pick up a bight shinny new bike and ride it home. so happy for your friend Mark. I look forward to seeing many ride vids of that great bike..

Nice ride Mark and nice vid Spratty. Gotta be happy with that

A very well polished vid I say. Indian could use this as a commercial to sell their bike.
Gert, this Youtube view with give you an idea of how a Indian rides;

Great quality video Spratty showing a very nice bike that your mate has chosen. The Indians are gaining popularity with the styles they have.

Your getting to good Spratty, great quality, well done, and congrats to your mate Mark for his choice of bike very nice indeed.

Thanks, I'm working on the Hogs ride vid but it's taking me awhile. This one was just an easy one to put together.

Easy for some. Looking forward to seeing your presentation Dave.

Now the pressure is on, unfortunately a lot of the footage either has bad vibrations or really bad reflections. I've just tried a new mount position on the engine guards and it works pretty well, shame I didn't think to use that on the Hogs ride.

Hey Spratty can you do a quick run on the same roads with the camera in the new position so that we can see your version.....LOL. No pressure!

Very nice vid Spratty. Congrats Mark. What a good looking bike. Enjoy it and ride safe.

Hey Dub. I'll go with him. What a ride.

Haha any excuse, well it would be the similar to Tezza's except it's on the right side of the bars.

I have no problem taking the week of again just to re-vid the whole trip , I'm in Spratty and tezza !
Great vid Spratty and cool looking machine .

Don't forget me guys I'm in again.

Nice work Spratty! And, congrats to Mark on his new mistress.

I'm glad you posted this Spratty. How does Mark like it so far?
His bike is almost what I want to do. Black seat and bags, screen and the stage 1 slip-ons.

Hi Tezza, he does like the Scout very much, it goes pretty hard. I feel the rear suspension could do with an upgrade though.

The screen was for him a total failure, he said the buffering off it was awful, he also never rides with the bags or the sissy bar, but will use the bags when he does tour.

The drivers back rest he really likes and wouldn't be without one now.

He has fitted some Kuryarkyn floor boards, hand grips and brake and shift pads which does look very nice.

I keep temtping him to upgrade to the Darkhorse, but he says he'll stick with the Scout for now.

He may come down with me on the Hogs ride.

This may help him out with the rear suspension

Thanks Matt I'll pass this onto him.

Thanks Spratty. Looking at the latest Indian accessories catalogue, they have performance shocks by Fox.

Tezza do I sense another MLC coming on....

Number 5 Spratty.

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