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New Knees Update

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A short video to bring everyone up to date on the progress of my double knee replacement.



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Had the operation on Wednesday 22nd March and my surgeon visited on Saturday and said I could go when I felt ok. So I left on the Sunday for home. The normal stay for both knee replacement is 7 days then 2 weeks in rehab. I'd say that all the work I did before I went in helped in a speedier recovery. I was doing 50 minute sessions of hydro therapy to strengthen all the leg muscles up to three days a week.
Since being at home I followed the excersizes that the Physio gave me at the hospital.
I did my first session of Physio at the main centre yesterday and even though it was painful, managed to walk for a couple of minutes without crutches.
The worst part is night time when I can only sleep in 20 to 60 minute blocks due to continuous pain in knees and surrounding areas.
Went to the local Doctor today to get a better pain killer, so hopefully I can sleep tonight.
Tomorrow I will go to the local Plaza for a little bit of shopping and hope to just use a walking stick.
I still can't drive yet but I have great mates that have volunteered to take me to appointments etc.
I get them to drive my SUV because I don't have to struggle up my driveway to get into their cars, and I have a Disabled Parking Permit as well, so I don't have to walk far to the shops etc.
So far I'm taking it steady and don't want to rush as I heard from a wardsman at the hospital a lot of knee replacent people have had to go back for repairs and I dont want that.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and I hope to catch up soon.

LOL... So from now on they don't have to follow the smell and sound of your farts, but the sound from you bionic knees! Lol Keep on going mate...

Better 6 weeks and sure as going to fast and it's going wrong... But I fully understand you want to go as fast as possible! Get well soon!

Great to hear things went well with your surgery. Time will fly by and you will hopefully be back riding soon. As Gert says, better safe than sorry. Take care Terry. Get better real soon.

Your doing fantastic!! I'm very impressed.

Gert NOTHING will outdo the sound of his farts!! LOL. Good to see your progressing Terry. Take it a day at a time and don't over do it. Get well soon.

Remind to take my hearing aides out when you a bending your knees. Keep up the work. Hopefully all of my early days of pedaling the 2 wheels around helped to build great knees and won't need the surgery.

Thanks for the comments guys.
I think the pain killers give me gas. Smiley-laughing

Glad everything went well for you mate, hope to see you soon. Steady as she goes, don't rush things, give it time you just have to be ready for Wild Hogs in November by then you will be unstoppable. Hope Julie is looking after you at bit of TLC

Careful with the pain killers then, Tezza... You don't want to blow out your new knees... LOL.

If all they give you is gas your doing good. Most people need a brown cow to clear their bowels (30cc MOM, 30cc Lactulose mixed in 8oz warm prune juice) Make you shit like a goose in no time Lol

How about a Mayo enema?

I like my way better. I don't have to get up close and personal with it....

Sounds like your knee need a better exhaust system. Bionic Man meet RoboKnee Man.

Excellent news tezza , I think I might run a competition on when you'll actually sit your arse on your bike and ride . I reckon Sunday the 7th May about 9.30 at Maccas for a short ride tezza .

Love your comments guys.

7th May is looking good Nobby.

Well done Terry ... hope you are able to maintain the pace of recovery.

Valerie .. you are too funny !!! PML

Your doing good Terry. They look good and your moving them well. Try not to run the batteries down or strip the gears .

Your looking good Tezza.
Take your time there are plenty of ride days ahead.

Well done mate!

Stay on the mend and go slowly. Don't rush the healing too much. Sounds like you to spray down those knees with some WD-40

I've got some WD40 on order thanks scruffy. Smiley-wink

I knew someone who would spray WD-40 on his bad ankle. Swore by it.

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