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The new Moto Guzzi

Watch on Vimeo

I traded off the 2017 Inidan after 9,00 miles. It is junk.. It was not a very good bike all kinds of stuf was going on with it.  I bought a 2017 Moto Guzzi and this bike is Much better in every way. I have had it two days and 700+ miles. I should have bough this one in the first place. 



Own Video: 




Mama Mia. That'sa one spicy meatball.

IT RUNS too . A Lot better than that Indian evre will.

Nice mate!
The dash looks like it is more basic as well.

You've got great taste in motorcycles Wayne. That Guzzi of yours is a winner. Enjoy your rides on it. I like the color also.

That's a damn big engine. What cc is it? Really like the color. Don't think I've ever heard of a Guzzi

Beautiful bike. I hope to see it in June

What a beauty Scruffy, I have always been a fan of the Moto Guzzi there is a lot of history behind the brand particularly with the Isle of Man TT , if I was in the market for a new ride it would be at the very top of the list. I know you ride hard so am looking forward to ur videos and reviews. Enjoy and ride well!

I am still getting use to the torque that left to right thing. Just a little strange yet. Well so far it has impress me with the agility and throttle response for a fly by wire rig. This bike is way better than I thought. It is very close to my Stratoliners. There are just a few things that I need to get accustomed to.
It has more torque than the Indian and my Stratoliner by the seat of your pants test. It just seems to pull all the way to 7,500 rpm. This is one of thoses bikes that make you smile all the while your riding. This thing is so smooth NO vibration at all. Well except at an idle at a stop sign or light. Reminds me of a big block with HI lift and long duration cam when idling. I have only had it for 700 miles so far but this is the quick revue. It does corner like it's on rails, This bike sticks to the road. After I get 1,000 + miles I'll get into a longer revue.I like the color too. HO!! did I say this bike is FUN to ride.. Well it is..loads of FUN..

Looks Good Wayne - I hope that you have Many Happy Rides on 'The GUZZ' ...
Ride Safe ...

One fine looking bike Wayne.

Still what cc is it?

Allen 1400 cc and a 6 speed.It is really fun to ride.

It really looks good and fast

Really nice and unique looking ride ! That will definitely turn some heads. Looks like it has the Indian beat in every way. OH and that tune - I haven't that one in years.

For 1400 cc it ramps up fast like you said, your speeds listed are what the Bird is supposed to do at 1700 cc, not that I do that very often. I like the basic look of the bike and not all of the fancy dash electronics etc. Besides, none of that does me much good as I can't hear well to start with.
Are the bags easily removed to get to the wheel etc if needed or what to ride it as a naked?
PS. You forgot to give us a sound test on what those dual pipes sound like.

I had to chuckle while watching your video. I honestly thought "I wonder how that seat feels?" IMMEDIATELY, your text pops up with "The seat's pretty hard, I'll change that soon."
Are you in my head??? That was pretty funny!

Also, I second Triumphin's request to hear those pipes! How's the sound? Tough or quiet? Or both?

Whisper quiet. Which is good I really don't like loud pipes. The only ones that can hear them are behind them. I had a set of Cobra long shots on the Strat and that lasted only 8 weeks. Just too loud. Off they went and back on the stock ones. Most pipes other than stock loose torque and a little HP. When I rode to Ben's last week it kind of grew on me but it is still on the hard side.

Whoops, the new VTX I bought has Cobra's and they are loud. I can put a set of stock pipes on them.

Don't bother I'll have some ear plugs. Just make sure it's fast..

No worries there!

Hope I don't get a ticket while we are down there. They will never let me in again.

Yes Wayne, you'll be like me and Sammy Hagar I suspect, just can't drive 55 and that is about their top speed there.

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