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New Mount

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With an unusually small handle bar on my Scout, I couldn't find a decent place to mount my accessories etc.
I decided to make one that utilizes the actual handlebar mount and now I can use an assortment of accessories. 



Own Video: 





Job well done Tezza.

Perfect, now sell the idea back to Indian so you can live high off the hog.

Another fine Tezza product!!

Thanks guys.

Great idea.

Good stuff mate! Foreign orders at work mike it worthwhile.

Nicely done Terry. I have the same problem, nowhere to affix anything. And with the screen on makes it even worse.

That looks great. Nice fabrication job.

Nice one Terry. I see you have a Navman navigation system. I have a older Garmin zumo but I can still upload the newest maps en my brother Jan Dirk has a Tom Tom system. For what I can see the never Tom Tom has the most possibilties and is very easy to use at least compairing to my Garmin. What do you think about the Navman? Is it good and easy to use?

I use three systems as none of them seem to be 100% of what I want. Have found problems with each, Google, IPhone reception, mapquest, and the Garmin may not recognize certain things, like telling where the Rock Creek Bridge is on route 66. Google lists it. I think I have found a way to transfer my google mapping to the garmin.

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