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New Muffler tips

Well, this isn't so much a video as a sound test. I have some new tips on the exhaust of the Royal Star. Turn up the volume and have a listen. Tell me what you think.


Any 1300 V4 would sould loud at 8,000RPM.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds great. was only 4000rpm....I don't have a tacho so I counted thenm myself! lol

Sounds bloody loud Al..... I didn't have to watch the video. I could hear it from my place when you were testing them out. lol

Great sound - must make the appendage grow a couple of millimetres Al!

Sounds like a giant cheese grater with a blown gasket.

Great sound

it was very nice Al don't take any notice of ROB

Turn it up??????????? you crazy I had it half way up and my ear bud shot straight out of my ear. I think I'm bleeding

Sounds sweet

Sounds great! The lion won't be sleeping tonight,,

Well...these were the standard tips off the Valk which I just slid over the current (but slightly de-baffled) standard Royal Star muffler that I had in Mildura. I've slipped them off again now I've had my fun and normal service has resumed. lol Thanks  for your comments guys.

This is another day where you remove any doubt isn't it?????????

No Phil....I think it's got something to do with small

Well I think it sounds great. If i had to guess I would say it sounds like a twin

Sounds awesome Al they look good too. (bet the neighbors love em lol).

Very nice sound there - nice work

Sounds great Al! And you had to nerve to tell ME to tone it down on Russell street in the morning!

Steve....liked that bit of reverberation as you headed off down High St yesterday is a V twin...a 650 V Star on each side.

Look good, Sound good too.  What are they ?

yeah, crank up the volume!

sounds cool Al!!Cool

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