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November Video Contest


Way to go Valerie. But you left out the chaps. Lol

I don't have chaps.... :(

Improvise with a pair of jeans. LOL.

That was almost as easy as what I do. I add electric gloves. I'm good for our 60 days of winter

How easy was that? Nice and simple Val.

Now you showed us why you're happy with your new saddle bags!

I remember a comment I got on my very first vid, the "toothpaste" vid... it sounded like this:
The simplicity!
How easy!
Just one idea!
Just one shot! .
... it takes not even a whole smoke time(!!!) and there is the vid! LolSmiley-wink

Well done Val... Ready for your winter. Showing how you "survive" and still be able to make your rides, even in winter season in the south of US as the temps are not going that far down...

That winter preparation went fast and easy... Not even ONE cigarret was finished! LOL
Well done Valerie!!!

You're ready now girl!

Oh how I wish it was that simple for me. What is in the other saddlebag? Doesn't the winter side make the bike lean to the left all the time or did you add a brick to the other bag to balance things out?????? Oh I forgot, that is filled with the cigarettes, lighter, and a bottled drink.

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