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November Video Contest

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My entery into the video contest. I ride as long as it not rainning, snowing, or 35F. But that might change since I got my heated glove, lol


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And thats how its done.Excellent

Thanks Dennis

Oh My!!!! You are just a bit too comfortable with this media Smiley-laughing

I really tried

That is quite a process just for winter. A great effort I see.

Sounds like a good plan!! Great vid ... thanks Allen ... made me smile

Get your ass from that couch and go for a winter ride! Lol

Next time you can use your heated gloves, taking a cold beer my friend! I would nearly say, this is a Bloody Idiot taking a beer!!! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

Great winter preparation Allen. You included yourself which is 2nd priority.

The bike don't get much prep. as there will be some days I'll get a short ride in. Thanks everyone for the comments

I think you prepped yourself more than your bike. LOL.

Yes Bill, that is the hard part about living in the south. It is a LOT of work getting it ready and mentally preparing for those 5-10 days in a row that one might not be able to ride. I think I may almost have put more miles on my Rebel in the last year than the Bird.

Hell yeah!!! That´s what I call "A proper" preparation"!!!!

That was GREAT Allen!!!

Thanks Polssken

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