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November Video Contest

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Frustrations and irritations.  I had no idea I was so whiny!  I'll go put on my big boy pants now and quit complaining Smiley-laughing


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You frustrations definitely agree with mine, great vid.

Nice one Erik!!! Next time try to find a road with the sun in your face and you'll make a chance to win the race!

Nice vid, I like it !!

Everything in the video can be a nightmare. Good shooting btw

Gert, Erik was having so many nightmares that riding into the sun would have done him in. He played it safe.

Good call on the blinding sun GERT. That DOES drive me nuts!!!

Good Good video

Nicely done Erik, you've done this vid thing before haven't you...

It really does show, he has

Erik. They were justified whinings. I think we've all had to go through that lot.
Great vid.

Yes Erik - life is a bitch!!!

Great video. Thanks mate!!!

It can be a bit like that those annoying things. Great vid to watch thanx

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