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October Video Contest


Marek, it that you?

LOL. Just like him, nice one. LOL.

Holy Shit!!!!!!!!! I almost pissed my paints. I may not enter now. You got my vote

Oh do enter, I cant win, I have already won once this year. Do I need to send you some special briefs??

That DEPENDs Val ...... LOL.

Send me some briefs, please?

Very good

Did you go to Sweden to take this vid? Even the garage looks about the same!!!! LOL

Great vid and well done Valerie! I was breaking my brains, thinking about what to do for this month contest and you're showing this vid... Lol Great thinking and production! Brought me a big laugh!!!

Bloody awesome Val. Even better looking than Polssken. Smiley-wink
Great work as always.

LMAO !!!!!!
Yeah Valerie !!!! YOU ROCK !!!! Biggrin
You are a Skilled Actor, a pro costume designer and makeup artist too! Biggrin
Well Done !
I like your way of creative humorous twisties Much my friend ! Smiley-laughing
Hat`s off in admiration !
Moooore !!!! Smiley-laughing

Long as Marek does not take offense I'm good.

Naww !
Marek is our Brother ! No Worries !!
He knows we love him ! Smiley-laughing

You out did yourself on this one no matter how many times I watched it I about fall in the floor laughing

Glad I was able to bring a little laughter into your life

Good on you Val. Nothing seems to phase you. You haven't been making videos as long as some of us but you still come up with great videos no matter what the challenge is. You enter every video contest with some great ideas. Keep them coming Val.

Thanks Terry

OMFG! Valerie.... What have you done? You woke up a bunch of feelings here... I feel soooo honoured that you concideed to "make" me... I'm very touched by that... Some tears of joy was in my eyes... You showed that there are still a few people who likes me after all... LOL
Secondly - what a work you did - it surely took some time to prepareall the stuff.... And finaly - what a acting skill you have my gurl!!!
I'mso grateful for this video!!!
Luv Ya!

Marek. You have no idea how hard it is to be you. LOL
Glad you enjoyed it my friend

Believe me Val.... I KNOW!

We all love ya Marek. Smiley-laughing

Yes we do

Terry and Allen, are you sure??? Non of you met him in real so far... I'm wondering if you still would tell the same?! Lol

Tell us more Gert. We are interested. Smiley-wink

You know the saying isn't it Terry? What happens in... stays in... you could give it a try and bring us a visit! LOL

Yes Gert. You are right. Same as Wild Hogs.
Maybe you could tease us with a little bit.

I'll think about it Terry.... Way to come in that case, I'm sure!!! LOL

I'm getting excited.

I'm sure

Great job Valerie ! Marek imitation is the greatest form of flattery!

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