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October Video Contest - Impersonate A Famous Person

Watch on Vimeo

Only a short video due to editing times. Hope you enjoy it.
I was going to visit the local fancy dress costume shop and see who I could impersonate by dressing up but when Mrs tezza commented to me when standing in front of her when she was trying to watch the TV, I came up with this concept.


Own Video: 




Tezza is gone!!!!
Great trick as usual my friend...

That's impressive Tezza

Very inventive Tezza, always thinking outside the square...

Is it George Clooney?????

Well Done Terry ! Smiley-laughing
You are really getting into that prog. Smiley-laughing

You never looked any better my friend!!!! Lol

Great thinking and production as always Terry....

Thanks guys. One minute of video took 7 hours of editing. I must be crazy.
But I love making videos.

I say it was worth it Terry

Welcome as a member of the SGC ( slow guys club ) Terry ! Lol
It is fun to play around. My laptop however is on the edge of handling the Magix program so I have to give it time to digest every mouthfull I feed it.
Thats where the time flies ! Smiley-laughing
You are dooing very Good !
Keep it up mate !

7 hours editing of one minute video... ??? OMG!! There´s my limit......
What a patience!!!

Playing with video editing is fun - I wish I had time enough to to that... Poor me... LOL

I would say... Let it produce during nighttime and it's all done when you wake up next morning! Is that possible Terry, or do you have to sit next to it and watch if it's all going right? If that's the fact, you need a few drinks during the work isn't it? Smiley-wink

He mean the editing itself... You know cutting and stuff...

OMG.... That's a lot of work to make a minute vid!!!

Bikes and videos. I'm addicted.
Arild, I'm learning every time I do a vid. There's no limit to what can be done when editing.
Marek, I'm lucky I have more time being semi retired but I must concentrate on the list of jobs Mrs tezza has given me.

Bucket list ? Smiley-wink

Best shot of you ever, glad to see you shaved for the occasion

For the life of me I can not figure out how you did that Terry.

Lol Trailer !!
Must have been a deep one ! Smiley-laughing

Val, I had to make a photo of each frame then edit each one in
I took 120 frames but only did 60 because of the time it was taking.

I'm a handsome bugger aren't I Trailor? Smiley-wink

Oh my. That's a crazy amount of work

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