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OK so I hate to see the site die

Watch on Youtube

I didnt realize I had a messed up lens but here's a great road Allen took me on when  I went to see him



Nice to see you haven't forgotten us Val welcome back. what a nice ride the long and winding road and perfect weather and a great friend to ride with .

Allen did a.great job of showing me his part of the world

Glad you guys got together for a ride.

That looks like fun. Glad you guys got to meet up and ride. If I were only a little closer..

A man we've been trouble all the time you got to move

Great stuff you guys caught up.

Very nice ! Jethro Tull is one of my favorites. Locomotive Breath always reminded me of the Morgan horse I once owned. Damn animal was unstoppable.

So good to see you here again Val and the tittle you made for this video is correct and I think we both don’t like it. Bit what can we do about it, nothing...

Sure a wonderfull video! Thanks for the ride and showing us a part of the ride you did.

Good Stuff Val ! Very Nice you get together riding !
How d`ya like your new ride ?

I love it

That`s Perfect ! Enjoy and be careful ! Smiley-laughing

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