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Old Farts On Bikes Invade Yellow Stone

Watch on Vimeo

From Dubois to Yellowstone with fantastic people, What a great day!!!



Who was the old farts? It was a great time with everyone

Anyone over 39. LOL

Guess that is me. Yes, can't wait to get on the road again, well maybe a little bit. Need to get cash saved up again to do that.

I can relate to that Randy.

Great vid Valerie, making the CC bond stronger with rides like that.

Friends on a great ride. What more can you want.

A whole bunch of other CC members riding with us and unlimited funds to just wander from place to place.

Thanks Val I thoroughly enjoyed that real toe tapin music. Great vid. What old farts I didn't see any.

Nice vid Valerie ... and one of my favourite travelling songs!

Great vid Val. Good to see the old farts enjoying themselves.
I'll be singing that song in another week.

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