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OMG! My bikes naked.

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yea yea I know what some are going to say. but if you think this was a waste of time just wait. I have another one I'm working on that will make some laugh till they fall and hurt themselves, some cry because they can't stop laughing, and some scream with desire for more.
Yup! I'm going to do a viedo of me cleaning my bike in a rather unsual way..

(UPDATE; Thank you scruffy for the Brasso trick. however I got courios and took it a step further and discovered that Nevr-Dull works great to. in fact I spent the better part of my day restoring my windshield  to 99% of its original visiblity.)


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That's also a good way to make a vid, I mean... CCC is about our same compassion, but not only to see our rides but also a way to learn to know eachother a little better. One of those ways is to make a vid like this. Great to see and hear you. Good luck washing your bike and replacing the stuff like your windscreen back on your bike... nice vid, good sound... I mean, I'm a bloody Dutchman and I can hear and understand you so in that case everybody should, isn't it?

Thanks for the vid, can't wait to see more... (Glad you only showed your bike naked! Nice t-shirt!!! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink )

yea bought the tee shirt as a sort of a joke to use on a video blog I used to have called the thunder box. I played the old fart that bitched about everything the government did that I thought was dumb back when I live in Maine. my favorite target was the Governor of Maine. you can really see it in the video on here but on the left side there is a tag that say "I'm sexy and I know it!" I used to make it a point to make sure that was seen at the start and end of each video. it was alot of fun.

I heard and understood everything. Birds can do some damage that's for sure. I would have to get a windshield pdq. I've said it before, I don't know how anyone rides without one

well I tried it and I wish I'd never taken it off the wind it me and I could feel it lifting me up off the bike when I got to about 60 mph. and I weight in at around 260 to 275 depending on when I ate last. JP cycles sells just the plexy which is all I need for under $100.00 usd. I was hoping to hold out till June when I trade it in.

The same here, the wind hitting me in the chest. All the dust and pebbles hitting me as well. Didn't like it at all

This should be in the restricted videos all necked and everything. Get some brasso the stuff will polish the shield right up

yea I'm thinking of maybe doing the next video topless. that should really excite the women...LMAO!

Brasso? their's a thought.
Went to the cupboard and all I could find was an old can of Never-Dull.
Scruffy I've had that can of never-dull around forever itworks on every thing you should see what it does to chrome. works great on my mirrors to.
I never thought to use it on my windshield till you mentioned the Brasso trick.
I don't Know what's on my windshield but I do know the Nevr-Dull is eating it up and its on both sides. but it is coming off slowly. It's coming off like it was sprayed with cooking oil or some thing along that line.
Well its going to be a long day to day. (4/28/2017 10:11 AM.EST.)

Have fun and don't let your arm fall off.

I take my windscreen off the Rebel in the heat of the summer. It only gets up to 40 mph in town. The Bird keeps the windscreen on since I feel like I'm getting blown off the bike at 60 mph.

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