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One Excited little boy

Watch on Youtube

If you haven't seen this before it is priceless



LOL !!
A real live MotoGP experience was something ! Biggrin
Fan of Valentino Rossi too, at least he`s being raised to be !! Lol
Soo Cool Video ! Smiley-laughing

LOL. Cute!!

OMG That little boy was just beside himself!!! How fantastic to get so excited over something. I envy him as I can not remember ever being that excited about anything in my life.

Spratty that will be us on Hogs. LOL. Wow that kid was excited alright. Imagine if he met Rossi. See you soon mate.

I think he forgot to breathe. He was so excited

I'm still that way when I go to the races. If you have never been you really need to go. They are truly something to experience.

The excitment of the little boy is in all of us we just don't show it enough.

Yes Ray only a week now until i head off for the hogs ride can't wait

I get like that now. Smiley-wink

 photo bbb_zpsjn92q5n2.gif

So happy I am when I see members posting!!!


See now there is that little boy in Marek coming out...he's so

How wonderfull that little one responds!!! (I mean the kid!!!!) Lol

Marek's back. Smiley-laughing

Way to go Marek

Priceless !!! MotoGP bikes screaming past at 300 kph can have that effect on you!!! I know how he felt.

He's just so cute when he gets excited. Just think how he gets hen Santa comes

Which kid Gert?? LOL.

I don't think I have ever been that excited to show it that way, but have been times I have certainly felt that way.

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