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Oregon & Washington state in August 2019

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Video Clips pulled together from our summer ride to Joseph Oregon. 3 bikes , 4 friends,  3500km over 9 days  on their yearly ride .


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Hi Dave glad you guys had a great time, love the vid clip and music, the scenery and riding next to the river looks nice.

Beautiful country

Yes it is, every 15 minutes the scenery is totally different

Thanks, love that part of the pacific Northwest . Lots of wide open roads

Awesome video Dave. Great editing, beautiful scenery. It's good to see some riding videos back on CC.

Yes portions of that were familiar to me. Both Oregon and Washington have quite a variety of scenery. East and west sides vary a lot. Great song and vid. One of these years I need to get up towards Canada.

I still think the Pacific Northwest has the best roads and scenery. From Canada to Northern California. We get to go from Glacier fields to deserts in a few days or hrs.Thanks for the videos Dave...

I agree Wayne, out here it is on a bigger scale, The east coast has many great roads also, but the hills are on a much smaller scale, the forest on them don't really let you get to see them all that well. Fall there is so much more colorful than here.

Great vid....HI TO EVERYONE !!!

Been a very long time since I have been on here...hope you all are well....take care !!

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