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I watched Gert's new video and this was the next one up..Followed by: Take a look. Maybe, you'll want to come on down.



Those roads are perfect for scraping the floor boards.

She wouldn't last 2 seconds sitting next to me.

Just a bit annoying and whinny for me too. I'd have her walk better yet drive babe

LOL.... I think I would ask her if she wanted to walk!!!! LOL

Beautiful roads. I cant wait

Just hope there are no whinny sightseers like this when we are there. Just drive and enjoy.

So Randy, are you saying I cant wine?

Of course you can "wine and dine", just leave out the H. Going to be a great time. Looked more at Eureka Springs on the street level using Google. Definitely some very unique buildings there.

Roads made for riding, I hope she had a sick bag handy

Get the "H" our? Okay, this should do it.
Number 14 is another reason I like Branson. LOL

Where's the Blindfold ? Great for nervous people - especially the Drivers !!! Smiley-laughing

Lookin good!

4 miles and she's complaining ... good grief Charlie Brown!

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