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Part 2 of Deadmans pass

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just riding on to Baker City the slow easy way.



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Lots of open area there

that's a lot of potholes!!

Looks like they should have renamed that road pothole road.

I see why you went slow and easy. That's a lot of potholes for sure. That's a shoulder drop off

Definitely no snoozing on that road. Nice to get Steve and Trish acclimated to the altitude since Teton Pass was just about twice that.

I thought it was nice that they got marked. I was running about 40-50 mph. Then I would wait for the Aussies

It's too bad they didn't have that big ass whole road dip in Wyoming marked. Val wouldn't have a bunch of busted ribs and broke bike now.

That is so true. WE wouldn't have had to pick up all your stuff either. My front shocks would not have bottomed out HARD.

Space, space and space....again, that's what I like so much about those vids from all different places around our world.... All those different views! Nice vid Wayne!!!

The one thing you would have to get use to is the distances between some city's and towns over here. Some times you can ride for two or three hours an not see other cars or people. Just open space. Which is very nice to ride in. You also have to bring your own Gas, some of the towns don't have gas.

Yes Wayne, if you're not on interstate, it could be a long time between stops

Yes, some towns on the map or GPS is just a few houses of some left over people who have not moved on and the town is basically a ghost town, no stores, no post office, and most important, NO GAS. Was just about a victim due to that when riding back to South Dakota 5 years ago on the Speedmaster.

The scenery up there was awesome! Trish kept reminding me to keep my eyes on the road.

That is the trouble with riding a bike you don't just get to watch the scenery much. That is why I stop a lot. No fun just riding from here to there with out looking at stuff

That is why I record a lot of video in new riding areas so I can see what I missed. I stop to get a drink of water and stretch.

A nice relaxing ride and music.

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