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Part 2 of my vacation

Watch on Youtube

Part 2 is Utah, Nevada, and Nothern California on Hwy 299. That's a fantastic road!!!


Own Video: 





Very nice Val.

That was cool !!

Nicely put together. Yes Northern California, southern Oregon, western Oregon all have great riding roads. I enjoyed the parts of Utah I road through. Need to go back there and catch more the the national parks they have there.

Most enjoyable Val. Great scenery shots.

Great scenery Val. Well done.

Well done Valerie. Video and pics. Great scenery

Thanks for the journey Val. You have some great scenery. The salt flats would be memorable.

They were
My bike was a mess but thanks to Wayne cleane,but what an experience

I am really glad you had a great time and stayed safe all the way..Life is too short not to ride..

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