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part 3 of my trip

Watch on Youtube

Oregon, Washington and just a bit of Montana



Nice scenery. I like the tunnel.

I like tunnels too. Its the only time my bike sounds bad ass Smiley-laughing

Looks chilly on the Oregon coast. Another good video Val.. Glad you had FUN.

It was Wayne. It's real crazy there. I was all bundled up on the coast when I started inland I got 9mi in and had to start striping down

YUP,, That's the west coast. If you don't like the weather just drive for a few miles to get cool or HOT.

I enjoyed that ride Val.

Real enjoyable video. Great music

Yes many do that from medford when we have 90-100 they drive 2.5 hr to the coast where it will be 60-70 degrees. Just glad you got to travel it all before our smoke and you didn’t run into any landslides like Wayne and I did when we went to California to see Phil

Oh me too. It was so beautiful. It will be years before it gets like that again

Great Vid Val - Thoroughly Enjoyed that Ride and Great Song too - We are ALL Getting Older .... Enjoy it Hey !!!
Ride Safe ....

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