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part of the Friday California ride

Watch on Vimeo

still having issues with videos from the Nextag camera, this cut short, music by Joe Cocker, "Feeling alright"  and yes I was during this ride


Own Video: 



Nice vid. Who's the OLD FART with the blue sweater?? {as if I didn't know) LOL.

NICE Randy

That's also nice to see, I mean... it's good and nice to see the rides but also during a break it's nice to see you're having a talk and spending some good time together!

Very nice Randy. Good to see everyone out and having fun

nice little vid Randy. good to see all of you

Waiting for people who are NOT ready is the worst tging I know... But... Hey! You got away in the end!!!

Good to see everyone enjoying themselves. Was Phil telling dirty jokes? Smiley-wink

No and when told one he said it was lame

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