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Phillip Island and the Great Ocean Road , Victoria .

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Gazza and I rode this a couple of weeks ago , we took a week off and just did it , last minute . It's been a bucket list for me for a while , Gazza has done it a few times in a car and bike . Not a lot of pics to share with you all , to tell the truth it was more about the ride . I do have more pics on my phone but I'm not sure how to transfer them to my iPad ........ Yet . Stay tuned ! 


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That was fantastic, WHAT a great ride. Thanks.

very nice. So the London Bridge did really fall down. Too bad.

I can imagine that was on your list to see, what a great nature! I'm sure you two had a great ride and it was a well spend week off!

Thanks for the vid Nobby!

Nice one Nobby, I'm yet to do the GOR, definitely on the list

Thanks Wayne , I'm only sorry I didn't do some videoing for you guys to look at . I'm sure I'll do it again some time and I'll make time to do some vids .

Hey Randy , only part of it mate , would've liked to have seen it when it was in full and all the Apostles . When you come over you must do the GOR .

Hey Gert , It was all about Phillip Island and The Great Ocean Road . I've been wanting to do the two of them for a while . I had some leave up my sleeve and so did Gazza so as I said , last minute but it all came together . I think we covered about 3000 km's all up so we definitely had a great time .

You should make the time and just do it Dub , Gazza and I threw it together in about 3 weeks . We booked the first 3 nights and the rest we just winged it . If we had had enough for the day we found the nearest Info centre and they found accomodation for us , that was Gazza's idea and it worked fine . Our accomodation costs came in at about $120 per night on average between the two of us . One excellent adventure and we both had a blast .

Very nice. I can see why it was on your bucket list.

Mate you can cross that one off now, although its a do again type road. The weather was good too.

Yes it will have to be on my list, if no financial hits, looking at 2018.

I can see why it was on your list Mike. What a beautiful ride that must be!! Great vid.

Great stuff mate!

Nice slide show!!!

Nice one Mike, sorry I missed out on that ride. Hope you guys do another ride soon. CALL ME.

Thanks Allen , I think its on all bike rider's list mate . Its such a nice streach of road and the scenary is just spectacular .

Your not wrong Spratty . Ray still wants to do it so I'm happy to ride it again with him when he does . The weather was fantastic and on a couple of days it was actually hot .

Sounds good Randy . I'm sure you'll have a great time when you get here , lots of CC members who'll want to have a beer with you I'd say .

Thanks Bill , yes it would have to be one of the best I've done on a bike .

Thanks Steve , tick that one off my list .

Thanks Val , I'll have a few more to post as soon as I can get them off my phone ......... not sure how it can be done yet !!! LOL .

Thanks Ray , no you call me when you think your ready to do it , I'll come along if you like .

Nobby just plug your phone into your laptop and drag the vids and pics straight over, although may not work with the iPad

Otherwise you can try this, it's a little bit more work but you can send them by e-mail to your own account... Doing it that way you can use it on your I-pad as well...

Thanks guys , I've tried email to myself Gert but I can't move them to my pictures file from there or I don't have the know how to do it , more to the point !!!!!!! LOLn .
I thought of that too Spratty but I don't have a computer at the moment and don't realy need one at the moment . LOL .

Nice coverage Nobby.

Thanks tezza .

Mike ... what did you think of the road surface on the GOR?

Excellent road surface Vardy all the way from Torquay to Warrnambool , great ride great scenary and best of all we had great weather . The only negative would be the the slow tourists along the way . Some do the right thing and pull to the left when they can and some don't .

Good to hear Mike. Sounds like a vast improvement from when I last drove on it. Was a potholed, cracked surface disgrace.

Well its clear to me now I live in the wrong country...lamo I loved those photos and that little cool pix by nikon does a bang up job for a simple point and shoot. I had one of them once good little cameras. I can't really complain I been all over the states and shot so real interesting photos but nothing like those.

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