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Playing Cards

My friends playing cards Smiley-laughing


I like th double speed and slomo

Looks like fun amplified by alcohol. Sounds like a good time.

This is how we stay busy in the snow lol.  The game is called Pit.  We used to play it when I was a kid and some games got totaly out of hand.


I was down by like -100 when we quit playing Smiley-laughing  But I am pretty sure Renee ( that gal that kept standing up) might have been in the lead.

CoolI remember that game ;Surprised IT's loads of fun..

LOL wow crazy game lol...But it looks like your having fun...

So who won?

Wow! That looks like a crazy and fun card game.

What's it called and how do you play it?

Awesome video!  Looks like everyone was having a great time!!  Smiley-laughing

ROTFLMAO!!!!  That was hilarious!  At first I thought you guys were having some kind of live Auction and shouting out bids!LOL!  Nothing like a group of friends getting together to play cards and have a good time.  Right on!

ok i think i finger it out the man have tell how many brest the woman got and the woman have to tell how long the mens wee are and the bell is for sex time out   one hell of a card game

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