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PNW 2014 CC Ride

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WOW!!  What a trip!!  Randolpho, Calgary Wayne, FreeBear & myself invaded the USA on June 30th.  We rode thru Libby, Montana to Thompson Falls, Montana ( where I encountered a big brown bear!!!  I was chillin' down by the river when this sucker decided to join me!  He was about 15 feet from where I was sitting, yikes!!  It's OK, I scolded him like a dog and he actually listened and back down, lol!!) Then we rode on to Chattaroy, Washington where we met up with the rest of the gang, Bens09shadow, his wife Deb, Scruffy, triumphin, rangerider_45, and friends of Ben's, Bob and his wife.  We enjoyed a fabulous bbq hosted by Ben and Deb, thanks again guys!!  The next day we rode to Lewiston, Idaho via Coeur d' Alene.  Then on to Pasco, Washington to Scruffy's place where he and his wife Kathy were hosting the 4th of July, thanks to you two as well for letting us stay at your place!  It was amazing, loved the firework show!!! zukirider509 and Mark also joined us in Pasco.  Oh, can't forget Roadwolf who totally got out of hand and speaking of hands, FreeBear's action hero Spiderman was there and I think was copping a feel by the looks of the pic, just saying, eh!!  Had so much fun on this trip, very cool to meet CC friends face to face Smiley-laughing


Own Video: 


Great vid PG, only thing is I didn't know they moved Chattaroy to Idaho, last time I checked we where in Washington state "EH" lol, we had a great time, can't wait for the next gathering Smiley-laughing

Oops!! I totally blame FreeBear, he proof read it for me!! It's fixed now, lol, EH!!

That's totally cool!
Stacey, you're so good at this, makes me so envious.
Thanks for "making" the trip!

Always love your your trip vids guys and the music was great too .

Awesome looking trip, loved the vid and tunes really well put together, great looking roads to ride...

Great trip Stacey. Lucky you get lots of practice at home , scolding FreeBear. Otherwise that brown bear might not have backed down. LOL.

Eh! Oops, supposed to be at the end of the sentence. It is if your in a certain country I thinks. Nicely done. To my favorites for the memories. Yes we will have to do it again. I do believe the gathering next year needs to be centrally located, IE Sturgis, SD for the 75th. I know I'm putting in vacation time for that time, EH!

Well........I live very south of you, so I am legal to say "eh" Smiley-laughing
Thanks for sharing the video..wish I was over there!

When do you want to do it again. Ben and I are thinking of places now. Great video Stacey. I thought Berry was happier than usuall I missed that one handed grab for Berry's HO HUM

We should meet in a place close to sturgis next year. Ben can bring vaccum packed ribs to heat up in the microwave

Hold it. Who owned the '56 Olds?? No one told me about that. Had I known there is no way in hell I would have missed it. Even has lakes pipes. Is that your's Scruff???

Also, who did the music? I want to check out more of it.

Great vid & music Stacey & Barry and glad that bear didn't have cubs Smiley-wink

Excellent Video - Many thumbs up !!

Yes, that is Scruffy's car, pretty sweet, EH!?!

The music is by the most awesome band ever, they are from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. They are called the Sheep Dogs. This song I used "feeling good" you should check out on youtube. Just type in "Sheep Dogs Feeling Good" and you will watch one of the funniest music videos ever made!! All done using barbie dolls, lol!! Also, check out there video "that's the way it is" also very funny where they are playing baseball against some kids, absolutely hilarious!!!

Hey Stacey, just checked out the Sheepdogs video and yes, it is hilarious. Didn't know they were from Saskatoon.

Great vid

Do you live near Saskatoon? I have other long time friends there. I like "The Way It Is" with the Little League...funny.

Saskatoon is about 2 and half hours north of us.

I love the way those big bad bullies give it to those little kids, I laughed so hard, and when they are shaking hands at the end.......'you cheated!' LOL!!!!!!!! Aren't I bad?!? Cheering on the bullies, lol!!! Feel for FreeBear, I'm the bully and he's the little guy getting picked on! Smiley-laughing

Have you & Barry ever listened to "The Civil Wars?" "Barton's Hollow" and "20 years" are two of my favorite songs. Amazing voices.

Very cool music, I cried watching the vid for '20 years', that was touching Cray 2 I like how the music sounds old, same as Sheep Dogs, they sound very 70ish. Thanks for letting me know about the Civil Wars, I like it!

That lady can sing.

Stacey that was great. Nice touch on the music. I had to watch it again. Charlie That is my 57 Olds Supper 88. 4 door hard top with 371 tri power and 4speed automatic. We went for a ride and found a car show so we had more fun.
Stacey you need to be nicer to Barry. If you can scare a bear away think of poor Barry When do you guys want to do this again?? I had too much fun even if I did get lost for awhile..

 have a great week Cat-Weekend.gif. The last part is just NOT quite right. It should be CAN'T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN.

Great video and slide presentation Stacey. Good to see you guys on CCC again. We miss you.

I'm so used to scolding Barry, I think that is why it was so easy to make that bear go the other way Smiley-laughing

When do I want to do this again? I would love nothing more than to pack up the bike right now and jumping on but now it's catch up time at work and at home, I hate working for a living. We should sell everything and just ride, if we need money along the way, Barry can look for work Smiley-laughing

I bought some of the Sheep Dog's music...good stuff.

It seemed to me that Barry's a fairly smooth operator. He can handle it...

I love cranking the Sheep Dogs on the stereo in the garage while I am cleaning the bikes Smiley-laughing I don't think the neighbours really appreciate them like I do though!

Barry only acts smooth, but I keep him in line Smiley-laughing

as they say and I know, behind every great man is an even greater woman.

Cool Diner at 1:02

That diner is an early 1900s Pullman Palace Car Company luxury car that cost over $500,000 to restore. It was loaded with historic photographs, history, the workmanship amazing and the food was the best.

EXACTLY!!!!!! Smiley-laughing

It was awesome, for those sitting at the counter, they cook right in front of you! They had such a small space to work in and yet never ran in to each other! Had it been me cooking, I would have been yelling at everyone to get out of my kitchen, lol!!!

Yes Franks Diner is a great place,food is great too, Like the idea PG lets sell everything and ride, and make Barry work LOL, really love to have the time and money to just travel across the country, that be great

YOU keep picking on Barry, he has tooo BE a SMOOOOTH operator he got you Stacey. I'm ready to ride so what's holding you guys up . OH WORK !!!! BUMMER..

Yeah, just rub it in Scruffy, EH!!!

Can't get that song out of my mind and it plays over & over. Is that a sign of anything mentally bad...mad cow disease, etc? Smiley-cry

Hey Scruffy, as it's been explained to me, letting Barry think he swept her off her feet was a moment of weakness on her part. LOL!
She picked him out of the herd for herself.

That was a very nice video. Had a great time. Will have to do it again someday.

Nope, you're not crazy! It plays in my head while I ride my bike!! Hope it doesn't mean I am crazy, well I probably am to some people Smiley-laughing

Yep, he totally stuck out like a bad apple!!

OK.......What the heck?!! Why I am the one that has to get a job to support you guys while you ride? Something doesn't seem right about that. I am going to have to give this a little thought.....................Ok, Let's sell it all and go. I'll figure it out on the road;)

That's the spirit Barry!
Up, Up & Away. To infinity & beyond!

Lets ride Smiley-laughing

I got spare rooms so COME ON DOWN!! You can have door #2

Great compilation and great music . Thanks Stacey

That was excellent Stacey!! Wish I could've been there. Sure do like the music and Scruffy's Olds!!

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