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Port Aransas is cleaning up

It's sad to see many places I enjoy so torn up but It could have been so very very much worse



Goodness me things have been tough. Poor peeps with their houses gone. And now the fires in Calfornia

It's so hard to believe what nature can cause. But it pulls people together and they survive and start again.

WOW that is torn up. WE think we're in control.

Sadder still is that most of the people earn their living on tourist $$ so not only did they lose their home they lost their source of income. It will take time but they will recover.
Between the floods, the hurricanes and now the fires this country has had its share this year

Just a real reminder that nothing is certain in life. Like Wayne says, we think we're in control, but there are forces way greater that guides us in life. The only certainty is we are born and we die. The in between is an unknown journey.

You sure got that right

In my Humble opinion, we are at the end times of the last ice age and the earth is warming. We now are at the 1 degree temperature rise which causes many more storms and fires. Its not just a freak weather pattern we are seeing, we will see these storms increase year after year until the cycle comes full circle and the planet enters back into the ice age again. The planet has a cycle of life just as we inhabitants do.......

Poor people, hope it comes back better than ever.

Todd, that's a theory....

What a damage, we’ll never be as strong as nature...

That really sucks that mother nature can be so devastating. Hopefully they are getting the proper help

Such devastation. Nature can not be controlled.

Its been one hell of a year. The music you picked tells it all. The loss of the Titanic was a horrific loss the changed an industry.

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