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Preparing for Winter


lol gold ......V/P......

Baby's all tucked in for the long sleep.

Very sweet...

The master, for sure. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

I think I heard the bike requesting the story about the Triumph that could.

NICE and tucked away for a long winters nap.

Every thing I ever wondered has been proven.

My Blue Steel Pony wants no part of a winters nap. I can hear it from inside the house. "Dress for the cold and lets GO !!"

Ohhhhhh..... So sweet! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

Now let it snore for a few months, so it's in splendid condition when the new season starts!

snoring people bother me, snoring bikes do not

Bring your tent when visiting Marek if you don't like snoring! It's a wooden house and... Let's say I warned you Randy! LOL

If he's like me, he won't hear any snoring!! When I take out my hearing aids, I can't hear anything short of a bomb going off!! LOL.

Best solution for snoring. Get to sleep first. And let them gripe about you in the Moring. HaHaHa !!!

Yes Bill the one advantage of being deaf. Remove the ears and don't have to listen to some stuff

...and it is only November!

yes, skeep, that is the sad part.

Funny as Marek.
I do not envy the Winters up North. Our Winters mean we have to put a jumper on.

Goodnight ... see you in the Spring!

A touching preparation for winter Marek.

If I were back on South Dakota the bike would be put on the house or have a heated garage built

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