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The Pross Patch

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Cool, eh! Thanks Larry.



Very cool.

Very nice. Way to go guys

Very nice, got mine in the mail today. Thanks, now I just need to get the vest to the seamstress to get it sewed on. Still have four other patches to get sewed on.

Nice patch Larry...good score JJ

That is very cool. triumphin just get your needle and thread out at work. You need something to keep you busy at knight.

No I'm busy with other projects and besides need to keep someone else employed. Also gives me a chance to see what bling and other stuff I might want at Street Leathets who does the sewing

Get them on before I get there or I may have to sew them on

Nice Nice Nice

That's a very special offer JJ, I would wait for Wayne's visit! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

Nice one! Well done Larry...

Wayne, remember my vest is LEATHER, your jacket is denim, denim is so much easier to sew than leather. I would sew my own on if I put them on denim. Also the patch tore before the threads did on my one patch on my jacket when Mother Nature blew me off the road.

Awesome Larry and JJ!!!

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