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Quadro 4 wheeler scooter

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Yesterday, together with my friend we tested this interesting scooter. The concept is very good, but they need to put more attention to details and maybe lower the price. Note for the price: Swiss made Smiley-laughing



Interesting concept, but I agree with you, needs more work.

3 years ago a bike with the same front 2 wheel system but only 1 rear wheel, stopped by a place I worked. Chatted the rider and he said it was actually nice to ride. The front tilting wheels have gotta be a little work to get used to I would think. With more tires on the ground, the ground pressure per square inch would be significantly reduced and traction would be an issue. Not for me thats for sure.

Very strange looking thing. I don't think I would buy one.

I would go for something like this versus what you are thinking,
For the price of what you are talking for commuting, I'm waiting for the Elio 3 wheeled car to come out.

Thanks guys for your thoughts.
Indeed, it would require to be used a little to know all tricks you can do on such bike. However, for commuting the width of the bike counts and Sypder is a car size. This 4 wheeler actually is as wide as any other motorbike, so can pass by in a traffic. Three wheelers are on the market since a while, e.g. Piaggio MP3, but there only one (rear) wheel is driven, so here in Quadro 4, 2 independent wheels are driven and provide much better traction. If the price is lower and it is made of better quality materials then I'd re-consider Quadro 4 for sure.

Interesting review Martines.

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