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Quick ride up the hill.

This was a vid Coz did of going up to a look out on the Royal Star....she just sped the clip up. Makes the deep sound of the V4 1300 sound like a two stroke trail bike....the good bit is that my commentary still sounds the same. Enjoy...and thanks for the clip Coz.



Hey Al When did you do this one?'s not like the one I took


Two years were there......It just got some other things ido....falling asleep...that sort of thing. The rest of you have crude minds! lol

Hey Al, don't you just love coming  around a bend to find a bunch of cars dawdling along ?

Well done though.


V4 2 stroke.  How is the ride on the knobbies??  You need to take some throat lozenges too.


sounds like my sons nitro car lol "walks" a little around corners with nobby's  until they wear down a bit! lol

Dont kid about the comentary that was Cos telling you how to do it mate.

Good one you can put the victa away till summer now  Ok.


That was a bloody beauty Coz


LMAO ok where do I start?

This clip should come with a WARNING!! Did I mention I get motion sick? Bring me a bucket...

Ok next - something about that clip reminded me of the crazy frog, you know the one I'm talking about!!

LMAO that was classic!!

(Looked like a nice day for a ride guys!)

Dim, what do you think the final straw for Coz was? Now you know why she rides her own get away from my commentary! lol

Nice video Coz.

You know, I've been past your place and heard exactly the same sound when Al was wipper snippering the front yard. I didn't realise he was talking. I thought it was a sick wipper.

Holy cow do you ever ride fast!!  It almost sounded like Coz giving you heck in the background, lol!!

I think I need a red pill to watch that

I agree you need a red pill for this one lol..

If you go to my profile, the first vid (this vid in normal speed) is about the 3rd last one. Watch it at regular speed. lol

Al has a video uploaded goodness me and its a ripper! I guess its the only way Coz can get any speed out of him

That's a bit harsh Dennis. Not a word of encouragement from our video director Cecil B de Hayman! lol

Just brought this out for Matt01 and beachy.

Is it always over that quick Albert?


Good of you Al. Now they know there is no competition for the video competition!!

No Deebs...this was a MARATHON!

I love the way the Royal Star sounds lije a two stroke in this fast version of the video.

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