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Rebel gets a new battery, I get to ride 1/3/18


and yes I realize my new camera had the wrong date set. Or maybe I don't like the way 2018 is shaping up and decided to go back in time and change an event and the future.

At least you didn't get hurt, when Rebel fell on you, and now you can ride again. Looking forward to part 2.

That’s a good quality camera isn’t it? And you did the job yourself, oke.... you had a little fight with the bike, but even that fight you won at the end! LOL

Good to see you going for a ride Randy!

Must keep the maintenance up so that the bike is ready to go at a moments notice. Nice clear video Randy.

The battery and oil change is about all the maintenance I do myself. Everything it goes to the shop. Good job with the battery and video. Camera was clear

PS, the bike didn't really fall, it was the camera falling off the mower handlebars. Hopefully that will be the only time it records a fall. NOT while on my bike and I'm riding it.

Glad you didn't get pinned under the bike and didn't break anything - not nice to have a bike fall on top of you .... New camera looks to be quite reasonable indeed and I loved the blues song and artist - old slowhand himself, Mr E.C.
Definitely one of the living greats ... love his work ....
Cheers & Take Care over there ok ...
Ride Safe ...

Just had a look at the Roxy Ann Peak vid - That vibration is a bit of a problem on the bike - maybe the Body Cam might be the way to go with the footage - and one good thing about that too is the camera is perhaps a little safer and no need to disconnect and remove from bike when parking it up anywhere - camera goes with you meaning you will not leave it on the bike .... That has to be a good thing .....
When you stop the footage is super clear - sharp and in focus - that is the one drawback of having cameras mounted on motorcycles - the vibration/s .... The only way to stop the vibes is to use professional mounting system of some kind maybe ???
The DEER seemed a bit skittish and quite close to civilization - a bit like our Kangas down here .... them things are so damn dangerous as you never know where they will bounce to - away from or straight at you and the big buck roos are likely to attack you as well and they are one savage mother of a thing with those powerful hind legs and large toenails that will rip flesh from your bones ...... They are a very fierce animal when cornered - just ask the other Aussies here - they will tell you the exact same thing/s about one of our National Symbols ...
Cheers - take care - ride safe ...

I ride this road very slowly watching for the deer as they are there all the time. On my thunderbird I don't have as much vibration issue versus the Rebel.

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