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Recruiting Video for my Son

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This is a video of my son Aidan playing baseball last summer.  He's in his junior year of high school and has started to be looked at by recruiters.  Please excuse the camera work.  I did not use proper gear to get smooth transitions.  Plus, I missed most of his best plays because I was watching instead of filming...I'm a terrible sports photographer!  Nevertheless, I did find a few good plays and now have a better idea how to capture better footage this coming season.  


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Nice video. He's got talent. Good luck to him

I can't wait to see him in a Blue Jays uniform someday soon !!! GO JAYS.....
Ya he looks like a pitcher to me, plus he can run fast too, so maybe pitcher or first baseman?

He looks really good but I have to make the comment that I really miss the sound of wood bats

Val, some of those hits were with a wood bat. Some tournaments require wood, but most -- including high school -- require aluminum/composite type bats...not sure why. My son doesn't care either way, but I do! Wood bats cost about 1/4 of the cost of an aluminum/composite bat.

So why did they switch?

If it is like the quality of wood we buy today versus back in the older days, the wooden bats just aren't as good anymore. Recycle "old" wood is premium dollars just because it is better quality.

He's got talent!!

Great allrounder. The vid work was excellent too.

TALENT right there. Wish him all the sucess, I'm sure he'll get picked.

He'd look good in Royal Blue. 5.1 miles from my house to the stadium.

Wow, Blue Jays or the Royals would be great, but he's an Astros fan. He's also a Giants fan because his cousin played there. But looking ahead, he's got two more years of high school and then, hopefully, college. Gonna take things one step at a time!

Then he's got time to make up his mind

Very talented and very agile for a big man. Good luck to him !

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