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the "red" Golden Gate Bridge

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going across the bridge on our way home Sunday after visiting Phil and friends in Castro Valley.


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The over look was an amazing view. Nice video

Would have been better without all tourists in the way

Of course it would. But can't have both, lol

Nice video Randy.

Nice vid Randy! What a great view. Yeah.... the tourists, but I think they all want to see the same... at the same moment!!! LOL

And some of the tourists are really nice to look at and as Rochele says, just don't be touching.

WTF??? I didn´t start drink yet and still.... I see double!!!!


Computer gremlin outsmarting me in YouTube and haven't figured out how to unchange it.

Nice video, Randy. Looks like it was a beautiful day in the Bay Area. We were lucky when we were there too. We walked across the bridge, and the views were spectacular. Would've been even better on a bike, though!

Thanks for taking us across the famous bridge Randy. If ever I get over there, I'll do it myself.

Maybe famous but the covered bridges in Oregon are more unique as it takes more to preserve them as they could easily b replaced or removed

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