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reflections and you aren't heavy

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parts from an early ride in January and third of March.  


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Really like the view in the mirror. Nice soft music. Good job

I see a BIG bummble bee flying around nice tunes.. You still heading up this month?

Yes Wayne, arriving pm of Mar 22nd, wiring on the 23rd, return home the 24th. Next project on the Rebel will be getting a new front wheel. I have noticed there is some slight cracking in the hub on the right side. Will be seeing if I can find a good used one someplace.
I did NOT see any bumblebee flying around when I was riding. LOL

OK I'll be ready for you.

Great way you used all those different angles to add this vid Randy. It's nice to see different camera angles during a riding vid but it's a lot of work to change camara position all the times... Well done, great vid and music!

very nice Randy

Randy, I got the motor home all fixed up or you can have a room, which ever you would like. I saw a big bummble hovering all over the big bird. Let me know when you leave, I'll try and catch up and ride with you.

No bumble bee on the Bird, but it was following the Rebel tonight. Rode the Rebel to Krav Maga lesson tonight. I was up to a whole massive speed of 60 mph. Yep, felt like I was a bee BUZZIN along. Black Rebel, Yellow clad rider = bumblebee. Just hope nobody is afraid of bees and wants to mush me.
Not riding the Rebel up, it will be in the trailer.

OK Well 60 is making that Rebel buzzz right along. Be safe Seee you soon.

I might have squeezed out another 5, maybe 10 mph only if the car in front of me was going faster. The 10 mph probably would have been down hill a bit. Does well in town, the open road is why I have the Bird.

Highviz Randy. Good to see safety first. I've seen the US weather on the news not good. Hope that will cheer up the guys and galls until the weather breaks.

Sweet vid Randy.

Great vid and music Randy. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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