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a refreshing Sunday evening ride...

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Another great vid Gert good to see you making the most of the great summer weather there.

Paying out Allen...Good one Gert!
Nice Sunday ride, is that the same location that gets gated in winter, I recall you taking the bike path to bet in there some time ago.

During winter, and than I mean a real winter with more as a week temps below 15 degrees during nighttime it's possible to go and ice skate here Dub.

OMG i would have liked to see the beach. Instead you without a shirt. take me to the beach and not show it! Teaser!

Well at least he didnt have on those poka dot undies. That was the first vid I saw on this site and it scared my brain. LOL

Poka dot undies??? I hope you didn't mean me, wearing those strange things and even worse.... Showing it here!!! LOL

If Gert would have shown the beach, it probably would force the vid into the restricted section. At least when we lived in Germany, many of the beaches were topless and a few women would take advantage of it.

This isn't the North Sea beach Randy. I know there is still some.... I repeat some! Topless, because it's not that usual as it was a few years ago.... But here, this is more a village "swimming pool" area. Here is no topless sunbathing Randy.... I'm sorry!!! LOL

I can do it Gert. Thanks for putting my name in the video, I'm honored. Very nice video, as always

LOL. Thank goodness you didn't finish your striptease Gert. LOL. It's always nice to get away from the hustle and bustle.

LOL !!
Very nice production my man !
I wondered when you started your strip-show-off ..... GOOD one .. LMAO !
Cagers you can Never trust ! Grrrrr !

Nice one Gert, thank you for sparing us the strip tease. A little trip down the beach would have been good though.

That was fun to watch. Thanks, Gert. Quite a few cars we done see in the States.

Most are little cars compairing to the states and Australia, that's about the Dutch taxes Edwin. You pay tax in Holland for every kilo of weight a car is, starting above 650 kilo. That starting limit still makes a bike has one tax, for all bikes the same..... Because no bike has that weight of 650 kilo......

Maybe we should start taxing the drivers of the cars based on weight just like we do trucks, the more you and your car weigh the more you should pay for road tax to keep the roads fixed. Heavier the weight the more damage to the road. Oregon is also toying around with a drive tax, the more miles you drive in a year, you would pay more in tax as you are on the road more. I like that since I don't drive much.

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