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In Response to Marek

I'm a crappy lumberjack....



Val just get a chainsaw its much quicker.

You sure looked dressed for a chainsaw, lol

I'm dont thing a chain saw would be the answer. About 20yrs ago I nailed my left thigh with one. It was a mess. Took me a long time to get my leg back to relative normal

You get that figured out and come out to Maryland. I can keep you busy.

Is your wife doing the cooking???

Safety first Val!! Nice "safety" shorts... LOL

We both cook. I get the complicated stuff. Remember, This is the land of steamed crabs !!

SCARY glad you have the safety helmet on. That looks like way more work than it was worth. WHAT are you standing on? Looks like a good way to fall. Glad you're safe

It was to low. I kept hitting my head on it. I was standing on the dirt pile at the back of my pond

That´s my girl! "Safety first"!!!!

Val, my wife bought herself one of these. You can get a 5 foot extensension handle She won't let me play with it. Rats!

Holy cow Edwins !! Looks like something you cut door posts off with from a car wreck.

Betsy has a small electric chain saw on a pole. It gets up pretty high. Then a 10 foot ladder for me to go up with that thing and cut off limbs.

I was waiting for the chair to fall on your head thinking maybe you were cutting the wrong branch. That is why I had the speakers shut off. Didn't want my tender ears hear any cuss words.
Were does one get see through safety shorts? Any time I worked yard work in shorts, ended up with scratches all over my legs.

LOL I don't know what to say Randy. I just got lucky that day, I stayed away from the roses

Don't listen to them about chainsaws Valerie ... it is my understanding that chainsaws and Texas are a lethal combination that have landed others in lots of trouble !!!!

Were you wearing riggers gloves and safety goggles as well, or was the shield down on your helmet?

... just had a closer look ... glad to see the visor was down!

Safety and I must add sexy.

Oh My Terry. At my age the last thing I would think of is sexy..... Lol

Well, As long as I'm still breathing I'm still thinking sexy !!

Valerie you don't have to think about it ... Terry's done the thinking for you ... LOL !!

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