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return trip from Dubois, WY CC gathering June 2017

Watch on Vimeo

These slides are from the ride from Idaho Falls, ID to Twin Falls, ID on the back roads.  From Idaho Falls one goes past the Craters of the Moon park.


Own Video: 


Very cool. Love that old bridge

did you notice the bullseye on the ground below the bridge. That is for the BASE jumpers who can jump from the bridge.,

Oh I thought it was to give you something to aim at if you fell off the bridge hahaha

Admit it this trip was rather eventful Anything Could Happen

Yes you should aim for the target versus landing in the water provided you have a parachute on. If not, then probably better to avoid it and try the water.

Cool shots of a very beautiful countryside. I was wondering what that target was by the bridge.

Very nice slide show. The bridge was cool looking

I realy like those rocks, maybe because we don't have anything like it here in our flat country. Great vid Ramdy!

Awesome slide show Randy.

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