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A Ride

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Was just messing around with the Samsung S7 I got 6.months ago and found this very cool and easy to produce slide show, not really sure how I did it but it sort of had collated a story of same date pics that i had taken and did all these transistions and effects with music so i thought id upload it



Your phone did a great job on that lol

Short and Cool (and wet ) Nice ! Smiley-laughing

You did a good job.

How do you like the sheep skin??

It's a shame you don't remember how you did it, because you did it great! Smiley-wink

Val the sheep skins helps. I just had the seay modified yesterday so i msy8 not need it anymore, yet to give the seat a decent ride to tell.

Gert have no fear I did work out how I did it, so expect more like this from me

Well done Dave. Short and sweet, but you get the message. Great quality pic's too.

Way to go Spratty. Who needs camera's, right? Lol

Cool slide show Dave. With the technology on phones improving all the time, the average camera will become redundant.

yeah i reckon this is a camera with a phone

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