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Ride for Dad

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My first attempt at a video edit............


Own Video: 




go back and check your privacy settings, on you tube it has to be either unlisted or public.

It's a Facebook link Randy. What do I have to do to make it visible?

Great job. Nice pics looks like a good turn out Right click to get video url then copy and paste.

showing up now, looks like I missed another good ride. hopeful to meet up with you in July when Wayne and I hit the Calgary area.

What days are you here, Randy? (I'm still an unemployed oilpatch bum, so my schedule is fairly open - other than looking after the "honey-do" list)

Looks to me like the first attempt worked well....great event gathering.

Nice job. Looks like a good ride too.

Great job for the first time Len.

Well done for your first video Len. Lots of bikes in support for the ride.

Whow! Your first attempt? Your first self made vid? I hope it's not your last and just a start to show us more like this in the future because..... What a great way you put this vid together Lendirk! Really, a bloody good vid!

Lots of bikes and some of your friends enjoying a nice ride for a good cause...

Thanks for the great ride and the way you shared it with us by making this vid!

About your "honey do list"..... I hope it's not as long as mine! Smiley-laughingSmiley-wink

Len, we'll be up there July 22nd or so.

Thanks Gert! I had fun putting it together, even with some bad camera settings that made some of the video I shot that day unusable. Now I've reset the camera to factory specs, and I have to find some new mounts, but I'll definitely be using it in the future, and trying some different features of the editing program. My "honey-do" list is pretty long. I'm now in the process of insulating and drywalling my attached garage. It was a very cold place last winter, and I'd like to change that!

Randy, I'll look forward to it. I'll PM you my cell phone number. Give me a call the day before you get to Calgary, and I should be able to meet you on the road.

i'd prefer the side of the road. Could be on the road only if it is a deserted road and I doubt the ones we are coming up on are that way. Don't want to be road kill. Phone numbers and address are in the cell phone now. Hopefully we can get JJ in on this also. the more the merrier

I hope Len has finsihed his "to do list" by that time, otherwise he is only there to say HI and has to hurry back home! Smiley-laughing Wish you both (or all, when there are more people coming) a great meeting!

Randy and Co. Sounds like a good time Enjoy !!

If that was "a first attempt" so I´m so excited to see your next videos.... Will be awesome!!!

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