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Ride for Dad

Watch on Vimeo

I haven't tried Vimeo, but thought I'd see if I could make this work. 


Own Video: 



It worked perfectly Len, good quality vid! Nice to see you all together making that ride. It's the yearly ride you do for years now isn't it? Still have the magnet on my bike and strangely enough nobody took it from the bike for those three years and it's really easy if somebody wanted to take it, but.... nobody did so far, so I'm happy it's still there...

Good to see you making that ride together and to see it by this vid! Nice one Len!

Well done Len ! Smiley-laughing
Very cool with all them bikers doin` that ride !
Vimeo works nice!
Thanks for the ride and that real swingin` tune !
Could not keep my feet from stompin` ! Lol
Who`s that playing ?

Arild, that was the John Butler Trio.

Very Cool and Joyful music !
I`ll check them out !
Thanks !

Wow ! COOL !!!! Biggrin
Really GREAT Trio !
I`d like to see LIVE !
Thank you MUCH !

Nice video Len. You did great. Looks like you had a nice group

Well done Len. Great turnout and great weather for it. Maybe the next one I can be be there.

Thanks Gert! Yes, that's our annual ride. We've done it four years running now, and I know we've raised well over $10,000 now. Glad you've still got the tank magnet. You probably scare off all would-be thieves!

Thanks Valerie! I've known Richard since university days - he and I have also ridden to Sturgis (twice) and did a ride to see a concert at the Red Rocks amphitheatre at Denver too. His son is Steven. My brother Blaine, and his wife Maureen have joined us for the last couple of rides, and then there's JJ (TumbinJ) who I met through this community. I think JJ may have been doing this ride longer than I have - or at least AS long. He's also very generously donated his CCC winnings to the ride for their silent auctions. This is truly a great community.

Great idea Bill. Plan on making a road trip next June - for the Father's Day weekend! We'd love to see you here!

Nice music, nice effects, and nice video. Great turnout. Hope it was a huge success. Vimeo work nicely

Great ride and video .Vimeo work perfectly!

Loved it Len. Good quality and Vimeo is the best for uploading.

thanks Marek, and Terry!

Dang it, missed another great adventure due to work. Work sure gets in the way, but then again, if it weren't for work there would be no money to buy the Bird. Thanks for taking us along.

Awesome video Len. Great to see Richard and Steven there. No Randy this year?? Wish I could have made it this year but I screwed up a few months ago. Oh well, live and learn. Will definitely try to be there next year. Take care Buddy. Ride safe.

Beautiful Valk by the way. Looks like a gorgeous bike...

Thanks Larry! We'd love to see you back next year (it's always been held on the Saturday before Father's Day) We had a pretty good turnout this year, especially given the state of the economy.. I know you guys are suffering down in Medicine Hat too. My brother, Blaine, has taken a job driving trucks in Saskatchewan because he can't find anything in Alberta. The Valkyrie replaced the Goldwing in late August, and it has been a joy to ride. I just put new Mustang seats on her, so will be even better for long days in the saddle. Hope you're getting to enjoy this unseasonably warm late fall weather!

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