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Ride with Gert and Marek

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Well done Jan!

Glad to see you making another video, Jan Dirk. You definition of a perfect fit and mine are different. That was too DAMN close for me. Riding through the wind mill amazing. Glad you got to spend time with Gert and Merrek

Great production Jan Dirk. Glad you had the opportunity to ride with Marek and your brother. The Three Amigos!!!

Great vid JD. You have gotten quit good at this stuff...
It's wonderful you got to ride with Marek and Gert

Awesome JD , great music to . Some of those small roads looked a bit tight , especially when a large truck is coming the other way !!!! Like Bill said , The 3 Amigos (brothers) .

That was a great vid Jan Dirk, those small village areas always look immaculately maintained...Btw, were you guys singing that song, so appropriate, just sayin!

A great vid. Why do I get the feeling you guys are always riding the wrong way down a 1 way street.?

That's your feeling Randy, I don't think I can change that! LOL

It took some time Jan Dirk but here it is.... Your vid about Mareks visit and our ride together and it's a nice production! So nice to see, three individuals making the same ride, and three completely different vids about the same ride!

Yes Gert, it was very good

So Gert u r telling that u r obeying the traffic signs and the big trucks r going the wrong way?

Yeahhhh... Oke... It happens sometimes, we ignore some sighs... You're right Randy....

You're such a Rebel. LOL

The three amigos and they are all video masters. Well done Jan.

Very Good Production JD !
I really enjoyed this one !
You got the hang of the shooting I must say ! Perfect music too ! Smiley-laughing
Got the chills at the end there, Friends for Ever !
Very Nice change of colouring there !
Well done ! Thanks !

That video is very special JanDirk... I can´t thank you enough...

Awesome ending..

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