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Ride For Knowledge

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The benifit ride I went on 8-26-2017. They raised money for the local school district. I didn't win a damn thing. But it's not about me. It's all about the kids


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Good weather, good roads, good cause ... nothing more needed. Good music too!

Plz, plz send some of those blue skies my way. I haven't seen any for the last month due to the smoke. Beginning to get depressed.
Nice to see you supporting the local needs. Too bad I wasn't there, could have cashed in at the basketball hoop. Once had 32 free throws in a row while at basketball practice back in high school. Shot around 80% from the line.

When I was in school I had about the same Randy. But that was to much like exercise, lol

Great vid. Your not the only one who sucks at basketball. LOL.

HAY!!! I'm that good. I'm better at drinkin??? I never miss

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