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Ride to top of Australia take 3

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Monday 1st January 2018 - had a nice ride up to the TOP of Australia, beautiful weather for it - plenty of Tourists out and about. There are still patches of SNOW up the top - look out just to the left of the bike when I park up - that WHITE Stuff on the Side of the hill is SNOW .... Yeah, I know, 1st Jan 2018 and it is still there - Still it IS the Coldest spot in Australia with a Minus -23*C recorded there a number of years back ... I hope you like my little production and I hope you enjoyed 'One Meatball' by Calvin Russell ... Cheers, frostbite. RIDE SAFE.


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I have that much snow in my back yard. Very nice video Thanks for the ride.

But it is the middle of Summer here now .... was a nice ride anyway - Cheers Wayne ...

I forgot you guy don't have lots of snow in January. Have a great week it might reach all the way to 5c this weekend.

Great ride and OMG... a busy road in Australia, that’s someting new!!! LOL

Funny huh? There is always a free spot to park where it’s not allowed to park!

Nice ride and road and beautiful views. How high is this highest spot of Australia?

Thanks for the ride. Nice views.

Nice ride, thanks for sharing. The only time I see that many cars parked along the side of the road is if there is a estate sale. LOL. The variety of terrain in Australia surprises me. I don't know for sure why, I think cause on the map it looks so flat....

Hi Valerie - Australia surprises a lot of people as far as it being such a huge place - physically is is about the same area as the USA and although it does not have a huge Alpine area it still does have its own unique Snowy Mountains area .... A very diverse landscape is found in OZ, and there is a large amount of Desert Area out in Central Australia.
Check out the links and have a look at our Snowy Mountains area - the first link has a Space Photo of the mountains and it is a large photo and fairly detailed and a dimensional sort of effect - you will see what I mean, and the others show some very nice scenary of the Snowies ...
Cheers & Enjoy, Ride Safe .... - The Highest at 2,228m / 7,310 ft ....

Awesome ride Greg. Well done on the video for a newbie. I still haven't managed to master the video editing. Maybe one day. Where did you have the camera mounted, very good clarity and no shaking.

I'm with Gert, busy highway, wow. Nice weather and scenery. Nice job with the video. Thanks for sharing

I had the camera strapped to my chest by an elastic band - It could have been centered a bit more, but it didn't do a real bad job, could be better though - it is only a crappy $60 car camera that hangs upside down from inside the windscreen by suction cup - there are no propper mounting points on the camera and that makes things a bit tricky - the elastic band didn't do a bad job though .... for a rough bushie like me ... cheers ...

Glad you guys/gals like the vid .... I am looking forward to getting a better setup in a month or so when I have my car rego sorted in early feb .... funds are tight untill then ... cheers to ALL - Ride Safe ...

I know how you feel my car rego and bike are all up this month plus just getting over Christmas so yes funds are a little tight. My wife said get rid of the bike and well save money, I said say what, no chance, you stop getting your hair and nails done every 2 weeks and we won't have a problem. LOL.

What is rego?

Greg, the more you video and experience different mounts the better and more comfortable you will get. I'm with Valerie, what's a rego?

I think camera position was perfect, I loved looking at those bars brother, felt like I was the driver.

Rego referred to, is Motor Vehicle Registration/Insurance - every vehicle that is used on public roadways here in OZ has to have vehicle registration to be legal to operate or fines will apply - they are run by the states and territories of OZ and rego is just an ozzie abreviation of it ... I think yours is a Road Tax- Vehicle Tax ??? It is an annual thing here although some states will do 6 monthly rego to make things easier on the user - but if we use public roads we must be Licenced to drive (competentcy test) and cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc, need to be registered and Insured otherwise things get a bit costly from the Police Officers (Revenue Raisers) .... Such a sad world we live in - I wish that they would just leave us alone to ride our motorsykles in peace .. Smiley-laughing

Hey Todd - A mate up in Sydney said this morning that he was pushing his chair backwards when I was parking the bike .... Smiley-laughing I am trying awfully hard to get him back onto a bike again, but I think the Thumb Print is way too deep in his forehead .... maybe one day, when his other testicle drops Smiley-laughing

Ahhhh, yes we have an annual registration and license fee. It can be quite pricy depending on your vehicle

Our registration is a one time payment when you first register the bike as yours. Usually around $75 can. Then we have too have Public and property liability insurance every year payable to our Province government. Thats around $300 can. Then if you want insurance for fire, theft, comprehensive and collision that can be bought through a private insurers and it can run $300 per year. Only thing here in British Columbia you must have to legally drive your vehicle on the road is registration and Public and Property Liability insurance. the other coverages are optional to you to have. Plus of course the correct drivers license classification.
See this registration BS is all about collecting Provincial Tax because every time you register a vehicle you must prove you paid the provincial sales tax on the purchase price. So every time that same vehicle is sold and re-registered to a new owner, you must pay or prove you paid the sales tax on the price you bought the vehicle for. Just another money grab.
Incidentally because now you have to register boats, ATV, and snowmobiles, same tax grab applies.

I love the chest mount mode of view. Made me feel like I was on the bike riding it, except for the goofy keyboard print paint job on the bike. LOL. Looking forward to more of them.

Todd I think ours is based on the weight of the vehicle. We too have to have the basic liability min but can have more insurance if we choose, We also have to pass a state inspection to make sure it is safe on the road. For my bike it's about 600 a yr for insurance and 75 a year for the registration, inspection and tags.

Thanks Greg. We have the same thing here. They are all after money(the government)

That’s a great spot to ride to

Some awesome riding roads around the snowy. Great video Greg and loved the One Meatball tune.

Yes, it was a nice ride to the top on the 1st Jan 2018 - I wanted to go up there for a while - ever since I got the bike and the 1st Jan seemed like an appropriate day to do it - I was really surprised to see so many cars & people up there - They all looked like they were up for a bit of a hike up to the Cairn or whatever they have at the top for the Marker of the Highest Point of Australia - some sort of Summit Stone Plie ....
Check this link for some Info & nice photos of the walk and the scenery
I am glad so many have liked the vid - and the song - Yeah, it is a little different but very catchy and good for a bit of lightheartedness (big word for the day).
Enjoy - Take Care & Ride Safe,

Hi Todd - Hey thanks for the link referencing 'One Meat Ball' - Very interesting indeed .... I will save the info in my music files ..... it has had an interesting start and some changes through the years ... and a fundraiser in the Civil War, an 'operetta' or two - but at least Professor Lane received a Pension from Harvard and never had to wory about having a half serve of macaroni again .... Thanks to the Professor for his wit and talent back in his day ...
It is a definite classic in the true sense ....
Cheers -

And for some reason I was expecting Darwin. Lol

No Monkey Business HERE !

Of course there is NOT much monkey business there as you probably shouldn't have a lot of monkeys running around. Now Africa is a different story.

We have a lot of "monkeys" living around here don't we Bill? LOL...

Great vid mate!
I wondered about why there were so many cars parked in that area and what was the attraction.
What is the guage above your speedo?

Great vid Greg, don't bother buying a better camera the one you used is very good and I really liked the POV made me feel like I was riding the bike.

I love the high country for riding, one of my fav's. good work mate.

Sorry I haven't got back sooner but have been busy a little - The attraction was I guess the same as why I went there for - just get out of the shack for a ride, but the 'Tourists' were there because it was the 1st January 2018 and what better place to be than at the highest point on OZ ??? It is too far for me to walk even with my fancy anodised Blue Stick - my back just couldn't cope - so I just leave that sort of thing to the younguns .... and the able bodied persons - most were trecking over to the actual summit and having picnic lunches including turkey, ham, and salads as well as the mandatory champers - trendy hipsters I think maybe ???
The Small Gauge is a cheapo Electric Tacho - it is not ideal but for $12 delivered I can't complain - it works ok but there is no way I will ever see the Red Line at 9,000rpm...... still it will do till I can source a better one that maybe redlines at around 6,000rpm maybe ...
The nurse at the medical center here who done a Respiratory breathing test on me on wed was even up there as she had some photos of the area up the top on the work computer screensavers - and she commented that she seen a motorbike heading up as she and her friends were walking back down the road to their car . I got her to watch the vid and she saw her car and then herself and her friends - so we had a good laugh about it and the amount of tourists up there - the vid was giving her vertigo - strange because she used to ride a VN800 a few years back .... Nice Nurse though Smiley-laughing I just might have to get some more 'tests' done sometime Smiley-laughing ... Like I said - I have been busy a bit .... Smiley-laughing

The vid quality seems to be ok for what it is but the biggest issue with it is the mounting attachment is on top of the camera - as it was designed to hang down inside a windscreen in a car and does not have a screw mount in the bottom underside of it and there is just no room for me to even fit one in there - Maybe I might have a go at making a frame up to hold it better - yeah, I also do like the chest mount position - it gives a different perspective on the ride for sure .... The mate up in Sydney wants more footage so he can 'escape' for a few minutes - poor bastard I feel sorry for him - he is a country boy at heart and he used to live and work up at Adaminaby many years ago and he really misses the area and his bike/s he had as a young bloke ... He knows what he needs to do, but the thumb print is well and truly imprinted on the forehead ....
Cheers ....

post a pic of what your camera looks like. I have left mounts etc from other cameras, might be able to send you something that will work

I agree Randy.. post a pic Greg and who knows I can also help you with some mounts that could fit your camera. Please send your address in a personal message and when I think I can help i’ll send you the mount...

I'm with Gert and Randy I have a bunch of stuff that I don't use anymore post a pic and send your address you'll have more stuff to try and figure out what to do with than Carter's got little liver pills

OK - Posted a photo of canera as a New Photo - couldn't figure out how to put a photo here ... Smiley-laughing Thank You ALL ...

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