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Ride With A Twist...

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I went for a ride all over around here today. A beautiful 27C Canada Day. Enjoy. Song by Chuck Berry.


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Twist it my friend!!! You got the moves Smiley-laughing

Oh and keep that big ass beaver away from your bike

That Beaver is very popular, just about anytime you go by it, there's some tourist taking pics.

I can see that

A one lane bridge, haven't been across one of those in awhile. nice moves and video

Nice video and you sure can twist..

you see the markers at 0.43. If WY had done that I would not have gotten hurt. Stupid hwy people

They are not always on the ball around here either Val. Sometimes nothing's done until someone reports it.

One way to stretch out the legs and get feeling back into the bum. Yes I can imagine there is quite the frequency of beaver pictures at least that one.

I see your needing a bit of work with your knee squats buddy,,,,a little slow getting back up my friend, you better be careful about that because I don't think I can come rescue you as my back is screwed too....LOL. Hopefully Aug I will get riding with you and we'll get that roger to come also to buy the "sarsaparillas"
Then we will put out a dance video.....(I'll pass on the squats though" )

Todd you don't need to do the twist, just do a shuffle step.

Ya Val, in my drinkin days that was how I walked, LOL.....but hey, billy, roger and I will work that out when the time comes.

A twist after going through some twisties by a twisted rider who's a bloody idiot. Excellent Bill. You are the man.

LOL. Twisted is my middle name Terry. LOL.

Next time you bow you knees like that you better choose a place you're surrounded with people so they can help you straight up right on your feet again Bill! LOL

Great vid and ride Bill, did I see another wooden bridge you passed?

LOL Gert. Yes you did see a wooden bridge. There are a few of those small wooden bridges around here, but mostly on the back roads.

See Bill? We are the last peoples on earth that still have wooden bridges !!!!! Man we are behind the times around here.

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