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Riding down the road

Watch on Vimeo

Heading back to Baker City from the Oregon Trail center. 


Own Video: 




I didn't realize that your area was so open. I thought WA and OR were like wooded with rolling hills..... Save the spotted owl and such

Pretty wide open area. Cool vid.

Could barley see the center line on the first road. At first I thought it was a one lane road. 80 F is nice temp. Really liked the mountains off in the distance

This little road was the exit from the Oregon Trail center at Baker City. The tree and green thing is a misconception about OR , WA, ID. Only the West side has trees and green. The rest of the state look just like this. Dry sagebrush and desert grasses. We can ride for days without seeing anything green. We only get 4-6 in of rain a year.

That explains the narrow road

So is that where the cowboy in you comes out?? Round up a cow or two, break a bronc in your spare time??? Smiley-laughing

Space, space and space, but.... At least some curves in a road!!! LOL

Yes, as they say GO WEST, that is where the good things are. The east side is boring. Same for South Dakota, Colorado,

Nice mate, good times

Great vid Wayne.

It was fun little stop. I lost the camera I used to take photos in Wyoming. I think it's along the road someplace.
Thanks Tezza

I live on the other end of the trail. We have a annual Santa-Cali-Gon festival to celebrate the Santa Fe, California and Oregon Trails. I think I need to take pic's of the Starting Place Markers.

Nice to here there are goats out there older than me. Are you an Oregonian? I'm in Lebanon, sounds like you also have a lot of grit under your fingernails. Thanks for the reply to my exhaust. Enjoy the sun and coming eclipse, I'm in totality. GW

Hi GW, I live down the road a ways in Medford, OR. Wayne lives up the road from you in Pasco, WA. I just past by you several hours ago as I type this. Rode 400 miles up to Olympia, WA to see my daughter on Friday and just returned today (7/24)

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