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Riding to the Marijuana shop.

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Had to ge get some cholate and oil for the wife.


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Looks like better riding than through the snow fields around Crater Lake. Will be melting up there today. We are to being getting to 85 degrees today, 5/3. That is way too hot for this time of the year. Should be more like 65-70.

Until you explained I thought you had already been to the shop. You said it was on the right and then you turned left, lol. Nice video and tunes

And off ithe distance purple haze. lol. The deal is, you can't patent a natural product so big pharmacuetical companies don't market what they can't control. They won't support medical research in those areas even if they know something will work with developement. It's all about the money.

Looks like a nice day for a ride. Nice vid Wayne.

Allen sorry I needed a fix. That place was way too busy so I just went to Prosser which is about 30 miles away. Then I stopped and had a nice cold beer and fish and chips. I got the wife's stuff. Plus I got a nice ride up and back.
Edwins; she has never used the stuff, said it works great. through her back out and could hardly walk for the last 3 days. Now she's all better now.

I'm glad she's better now. they're still trying to figure out what rules to put in place for legalized pot in Canada.

Nobody can explain how this works for me. I'm licensed Captain that is randomly drug tested. If I were to use in a leagle state. and get tested...Busted !!! Rats !!!

Just like alcohol, you can drink it, but can't show up to work drunk

I don't get it either but then I never did not even back in the day. I have a CDL and get random test too. If any is in your blood you're gone.

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